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  Mithupiyamaga Sansadaya
The Mithupiyamaga Sansadaya consisting of 30 members is an association which gives welfare support to individuals in need; thus, rendering numerous religious, educational and social services to the nation. In fact, the services rendered by the members of the Mithupiyamaga Sansadaya Association reach out to individuals, their families and the wider spectrumot the community providing public benefits in their hour of need. In addition, the Mithupiyamaga Sansadaya warmly welcomes those who are interested in providing a helping hand to these meritorious activities organized by them.
Nanadiriya is a process of encouraging students of low income families by giving them scholarship, school books, uniforms and other school items.
Donated library books, sports equipment and agricultural equipment to, sevaral schools in rural areas with the financial aid from Sri Lanka Customs and Exercise Departments .
Donated a building of 1200 sq. feet worth Rs. 1100000.00 to the Pahala Giribawa, Gampola Kanishta Vidyalaya with financial support from Sri Lanka Customs with labor support from the the neighbours.
Reconstructed and donated the "Sumedha Hall" of the MDH Jayawardene Maha vidyalaya of Thalangama.
Religious & Social Services
Constructed a new stupa at Bodhi Malu Viharaya in Matale with the financial support of
Mr. K.L.G Udayananda (member)
Supplied the electricity connectivity for a low income families of Thalangama in 2011
Built and donated a complete house spending about Rs.800,000.00 to the scholarship holder Hasnsi Menaka from Rajagiriya with the financial aid from the National Cricket Team of Sri Lanka with the coordination of Mr. Ranjith Nanayakarawasam.
Built a house for an old lady in Thalangama and supplied house items and electricity with co-ordination of Mr. K D K Subasinghe (member) in 2010 spending an amount of Rs 700,000 in the year 2010.

Future Plans
Donation of artificial limbs for the disabled war heroes and for 25 other disabled individuals at a cost of Rs. 700,000.00.
Provide 10 sewing machines to needy families of the lower income group which would cost on Rs. 250,000.00.
Award of 50 Nanadiriya Scholarships of merit worth 500,000.00 rupees for 50 school children selected from under privileged families.
Donation of school uniforms and stationary at a cost of Rs. 500,000 for school children selected from a rural areas of the country.
Donation of school uniforms and stationary at a cost of Rs. 300,000 for 100 school children selected from needy families out of the lower income group in Thalangama area.
Distribution of dry rations for 50 needy families recieving a government dole for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year along with distribution of new garments for the celebration of Christmas at the end of the year which would cost of Rs. 200,000.00.
Reconstruction of the Buddhist temples in the difficult areas which would cost Rs. 500,000.00.
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